Introducing the Sparrow Concierge

Written by Adrian Ciaschetti on July 15, 2016 in

We often hear horror stories from people about all the things that went wrong with their flight, including the booking experience. Ok, maybe horror is an exaggeration, but nonetheless it’s the customer support, or lack thereof, that you are most vocal about.

And rightly so. You are a busy person. You don’t have the time to spend 15 minutes trying to book a simple return flight to Melbourne. You don’t have the time to be on hold for half an hour while all customer service representatives are currently busy. And you don’t have the time to try navigate other systems that aren’t working.

To fix this, we’ve created the Sparrow Concierge. Simply send us a text or email, and we’ll take care of virtually any request you have for your flight. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure your needs are met. Think of us as your personal travel agent.

To give you an idea of what we can do, here are a few examples of what Sparrow customers have requested:

  • Ruth from Black Opal Direct sent us a text to check her into her flight because the Virgin mobile site was down, and there was an hour long queue to check in. We managed to do this for her on our desktop, and within a matter of seconds we had texted her boarding pass.
  • Michael from Yoghurt Digital needed to change his flight that was leaving in a couple of days. He gave us a call from his car, we called him back to confirm the price, and it was done.
  • Byron from Stile Education also needed to change his flight back to Melbourne for 2 hours later. He had his personal assistant call us to request the change right before she stepped into a meeting, we took care of it and sent them both the updated itinerary.

The Sparrow Concierge is now included with every flight booked through our app.

We hope this service makes you a more efficient and happy traveller!