New business profiles & now, cheaper flights!

Written by David Shepherd on November 8, 2016 in

Today is very exciting!

The business platform is ready for you and we are letting it run wild into the world…. No more beta on boarding!!

Download the update here!

We have released 2 new features you’ll love.

  1. Sparrow business profiles
  2. Cheaper flights! We’ve returned to $0 booking fee! We are now the same price as booking directly with the airlines, just 10x easier

Firstly, Sparrow Business Profiles

Why did we make this?

The whole travel system for SMEs is overly complex. If the following sounds like you, we made Sparrow for you:

  • I need to get the boss’s credit card every time I book, he’s never in the office, so it can take ages to get the card.
  • I have to send my receipts to Sarah, she’s always so slow at paying me back.
  • I’ll look at the prices on Webjet, but by the time I go to Qantas, the prices have changed… And Webjet is just too expensive.
  • I just send an email to my PA and she get’s everything done. Well… after we go back and forth for a few days confirming details.

Some people say:

“Yeah but, I already book flights… Why do I need Sparrow? This is my system…”

Not Sparrow Approval Process

This is Sparrow’s system…

With Sparrow Approval Process

Why should you care?

Ultimately, you’ve got better things to do with your time – like, anything other than booking flights…

Convinced? Downloading the latest version of the app, you will notice a link on the left hand navigation “Company”

Open Sparrow, select “Company” on the left hand navigation. The rest is extremely simple, just follow the instructions.

Sparrow Company Profiles

Need help? Reply to this email, we are always here for you guys!

Secondly, Sparrow is now the same price as booking directly with the airlines!

Previous to this update, Sparrow absorbed the credit card fee and took a little on top to help us make ends meet. You might have seen the $19 Sparrow Service, you wont see that anymore – so it’s cheaper for you.

Now, only the 1.3% credit card charge is passed on! Sparrow is now the same price as booking direct with the airlines. Just 10x easier, faster & well… Better looking – the design that is…

We save you money and time, the least you can do is share us around…. please ????

We are always looking for help, so if you can spend a tiny bit of time and share sparrow with other business owners, Adrian and I would be eternally grateful.

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As always,
Capt. David Shepherd

P.S. Still not a real captain… Working on it… (not really)