Sparrow Flights v2.0!

Written by David Shepherd on January 12, 2017 in

The new version of Sparrow Flights is now live and available in the app store. There are so many changes to list. So if you don’t like reading, head to the app store and check it out yourself!

We had a simple recipe for the update:

  1. Put Sparrow Flight’s Vision in one large bowl
  2. Slowly add product roadmap
  3. Sprinkle in user feedback
  4. Add 1 Adrian & multiple developers
  5. Bring to boil
  6. Cook on high for 6 weeks
  7. Submit to Apple
  8. Sparrow Flights v2.0


So what’s the big deal? What’s changed?

Here is a quick summary of the changes:

  • Complete interface design lift, we believe the new interface looks great, and makes the whole experience even better!
  • Easier log in, with added intelligence around account creation and identification.
  • Simpler flight comparison screen to help find your perfect flight.
  • Access to the concierge straight from the comparison page.
  • Economy, Flex & Business class fares are now easier to switch between. Shoutout to Jamie & Mike.
  • Revamped the calendar, selecting dates is now more logical. And looks pretty sexy if I do say so myself.
  • Addition of profiles – Allows bookings for others, and multiple passengers. Create a personal profile for your family, create a business profile for your company or team.
  • Invite friends – send $10 get $10! We have mostly spread by word of mouth, so we want to reward people for doing that. When you invite a colleague, friend or family member to Sparrow flights, they will be given $10 credit, and when they fly, you’ll get the same.
  • Improved booking management & quick check in.

Here is a bit more detail for those who are interested

New destination page & images

Sparrow Destination Screen

New comparison screen

  • Easier selection of fare types (Economy, Flex, Business)
  • Clarity on number of seats left on each flight
Sparrow Flights Comparison Screen

New confirmation screen

  • You can now have multiple passengers. Book for yourself, book for others & book for multiple people!
  • Tap the little plus button to add people to the flight. They will be prompted to complete their profile.
  • To change the profile, just click the “Change” next to the company – simple!
Sparrow Flights Confirmation Screen

Introducing profiles

  • Select the people you want on the flight with a single tap.
  • Select multiple by just tapping them!
Sparrow Flights Profiles

Invite people to your profile

  • To invite someone to your profile, simply tap the “invite team members” and send via SMS, Mail or however you want to get in contact with them.
Sparrow Flights Invite Users

Excellent new booking screen with fun facts…

  • Travelling by air can shed up to 1.5 litres of water from the body during an average 3 hour flight. Good tip Adrian, I didn’t even know that. Drink up!
Sparrow Flights Booking Complete

New trip management screen

  • We’ve added some really easy shortcuts to help manage your trip.
  • Tapping “Manage” will take you to the Virgin or Qantas website to choose your seat etc.
  • Check In will activate when allowed to do so by the airlines, so again, it removes a few more steps from the process.
Sparrow Flights Trip Management


  • We love you guys, and love building products for you. We want more people like you to join us on the Sparrow journey. So we’ve added invite friends to Sparrow. You get $10 they get $10, pretty simple.
Share the Sparrow Love!

The next time you fly, buy a beer, coffee or maybe even a book with the money you save. ????

P.S. Don’t use the above code, it’s mine. I’m happy to fly around with discounts, but I’d prefer you have it!

Happy Flying!

Capt. David Shepherd

P.P.S. No flying lessons during Christmas, so might have to wait for next year…