Sparrow’s First Birthday!

Written by David Shepherd on July 11, 2017 in

Sparrow launched in the app store exactly 1 year ago today.

We’re all feeling very proud of ourselves at Sparrow HQ, reminiscing over the past year and thinking of the future. We thought sharing some highlights from the past year would be a good way to celebrate it.

Sparrow launched on the app store on the 11th of July 2016 with Australia’s top 10 destinations and 2 carriers. For those who were there when it first began, below is the first design. It wasn’t long before it was updated, with the addition of flexi fares few days later.

A lot changes in a year

Since then:

  • We’ve organised travel for over 600 passengers to 5 continents
  • Had 492 conversation with our customers via the concierge
  • Had 82 business or alternative profiles created
  • Added international routes, with 13 different airlines
  • Changed 43 flights
  • Booked 42 hotel rooms in 6 countries
  • Reserved 5 hire cars – 2 being Mustangs
  • Featured on SBS’ Small Business Secrets!
  • Maintained 5/5 stars on the app store – if you haven’t rated us yet, please click here.

Sparrow customers have flown all over the world:

​Who wants to go to South America and Antarctica?

We’ve also:

  • Redesigned the website 3 times
  • Reskinned the App once
  • Changed the logo and the brand colours

Soon to be implemented features:

  • Simple addition of passengers. We’ve reworked the whole flow. Live in a few days.
  • Australia’s best business hotels soon to be available inside Sparrow.
  • ANDROID!! 95% complete and in testing, here is the Android destinations screen.

Thank you!

I wanted to also take this chance to thank everyone who has been on this ride with us. It’s been great fun, but we still have a long way to go.

It really means a lot that you’ve trusted a startup called Sparrow to take care of your travel needs.